I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days in London last month. While I was there, I took the opportunity to go comic-hunting at a few of London's comic emporiums. During my expedition, I developed a certain bias toward a friendly and inviting comic book distribution facility in Camden Town, moments away from the staunchly attended Camden Markets. I entered the door of Mega City Comics and immediately felt comfortable. The relaxed staff welcomed me in and I could hear racks of discounted comics calling my name in a strange melody.
I clocked up 5 hours there in the 2 days I visited that shop. I went on to purchase my entire 20kg luggage allowance for the flight home from Mega City's fan-friendly shelves! That's right, Mega City sells comics by the kilo! Great shop. Stood out like a fanboy oasis compared to the generally over-priced inner-city London comic vendors.
One notable exception is Orbital Comics, in the city-centre. The 'more-than-a-shop' features an art gallery which I didn't fully assess as I was too busy with my head in the comic bins. Friendly staff and a good deal on back issues.                                   If it's toys you want, then head to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Street. Although it boasts a a well-stocked basement full of Graphic Novels and some dvds, it's clearly the street-level floor jam-packed with toys, models and paraphernalia which keeps the doors open on this fairly large store.                                                  And there was Gosh! comics which was busy and eclectic, and Comicana, which would be a collector's haven if not for prices that reach for rewards far beyond market value.
It seems the suburbs won out in my mini-comic book store survey, and I wonder what other comic strip sellers London's surburban landscape is hiding? However, if you're in the London area and you want comics, Mega City is a good place to start.