FCBD 2010 Remembered.....

It's been almost 2 weeks since Free Comic Book Day 2010. A joyous day, sadly over too soon. It just seems somehow....too short. How about FCBM-Free Comic Book Month? Free comics everyday for a month. And at the beginning of every new century, FCBY- that's right, free comics everyday for a year, just to make sure everybody's got enough. Something to think about...
I spent this year's FCBD at Gotham Comics in Onehunga. I really like the variety in their selection of comics for sale, ranging from silver age originals to the latest books and a well stocked back-issue section for everything in between.
Free Comic Book Day saw Gotham hosting Dr. Sketchy, an art troupe who encourage and celebrate active comic artistry through out the country. Live models of your favourite heroes and villains invite you to pick up pad & bat-pencil and get sketchy. The Joker was just that and actively encouraged us to participate. 

Combined with a 50% OFF sale on back-issues and new comics, plus free comics for walking in the door, Dr.Sketchy and the amiable crew at Gotham Comics made for a great atmosphere. Extra free comics were available for a gold coin donation to a local school, bringing a community feel to the event.
Having just digested the multi-zillion dollar super-
powered hype-monster that is IM2 two nights before, this funky local fanboy/girl community gathering reminded me of the simple joy of art that is comics.

Pin-up! Captain America & Red Skull 1941