VIDEO:The Green Arrow Animated Short

This Green Arrow animated short film will be included on the upcoming DVD release from DC comics 'Superman/Batman:Apocalypse'. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing yet, but it looks really good :)

Too cool...

DVD REVIEW:Batman: Under the Red Hood 2010 ( M Contains violence)

! ! ! ! ! 4/5 exclamation points.

As the Joker soul-lessly beats Robin to his untimely demise in the gruelling opening scene of Batman: Under the Red Hood, I couldn't help but realise this film was going to be a bit of a hard sell to the demographic types. But it seems that DC, at least, are catering in part to the demands of hard core comics fans. From the light hearted, kid-cartoon friendly Batman & Co. on TV's Brave & the Bold, to the note perfect Golden Age Batman in Justice League: The Final Frontier (given voice by Jeremy Sisto) DC animator's are responding to fan's need for character.

And bloody realistic violence it seems, ah la The Dark Knight. The influence of this one film can be seen and heard in almost every modern crime/thriller/drama I've seen lately. What to speak of the decimation of Smallvillle's wholesome Red & Blue Blur goodness. Now, Clark is dark. The Dark....Blur.

So what to speak of a Batman film, set in gangland Gotham....?
Under the Red Hood hangs it's tale on the lives of of three main protagonists- Batman, Black Mask, and of course, the Red Hood. What what you say!!? How can I leave out the Joker, the mad domino that begins this spiralling series of events!!? Well, I just like the Black Mask better. And I feel that the Joker did not instigate the bulk of the tale anyway. But not to give too much away...
WadeWilliams is wonderfully over the top in his vocal performance as the Black mask, whose super villain appearance contrasts his regular hood mentality. Actor Bruce Greenwood does his best to channel Kevin Conroy but does little in the way of cutting his own slice of the Batman pie. Joker voiced by John DiMaggio struck me at first as unusually grounded, but menacing nonetheless. DiMaggio is somewhat of a stalwart in the animation acting world-just check out his resume on IMDB

Bruce Timm, Bruce Timm, Bruce Timm, his name can't be said enough when it comes to fanboy home-cinema, his name on a DC work being almost a stamp of Super-authenticity. He seems involved in almost all fine DC productions of late, and here he has produced another entry into the Batcave's log. Animation has come a long way, both in technilogical advances and subject matter. Batman: Under the Red Hood is a quality glimpse into the animated DC universe, and a great place to start if you have come here via the Dark Knight entrance. Batman fans old and new will, I feel, find this to be a satisfying film expeience. Yay. 


I just found this quote from legendary comics creator Frank Miller...

[on Batman Begins] "I totally thought they did a damned good job. It was the first 'Batman' movie I've genuinely liked. I sat there, I watched it, and I came out of there going, 'Well done, man.' Sure, they used my stuff - they used everybody's stuff, but they used my stuff a lot - but they did it well, and that's all I care about. It was Batman. What I mean by that is, I thought the character was true. You understand, when I work on a character, I have a very, very hard time seeing anybody else's interpretation. I get very possessive. But when I went out to see this thing, I said, 'This is a pretty cool Batman.' I wasn't sitting there going, 'This is a merchandising tool.' I felt like it really had heart and substance, and Christian Bale with no doubt performed the best Batman I have ever seen."
(courtesy imdb.com)