Chris Evans On Playing Captain America: 'I'm A Little Scared, To Be Honest'

.....to be honest, so are we. Demonstrating his mastery of shallow, pallid acting in masterpieces like Fantastic Four and Robot Chicken, it beggars belief that he has been handed the mantle of playing arguably Marvel comics greatest character. When will Hollywood studio executives learn to listen to the fanboys? It's not that our voice is unheard.

Online fans made their feelings known in support of potential Caps such as Mark Valley (best known from Boston Legal) or popular fan choice John Barrowman, star of British sci-fi tv show Torchwood.


To this comic-head, the choice of Chris Evans to play Cap reeks of Hollywood big-money playing it safe, with a multi-demographic pleasing Chris Evans. Just read what Evans himself has to say about his motivation for accepting the coveted role- "It was tricky saying yes. A couple of sleepless nights were involved...But I said, "Well, if you do this, hopefully it will enable me to make whatever I'd like to make in the future." That's an opportunity you want. It's chess, really. Sometimes this one move isn't going to bring you everything you want, but five moves down the line it just may. So, again, it was pros and cons, and the pros won out."
Ugh. Hollywood politics wins over art yet again. Chris Evans as Captain America is as promising an idea as Ben Affleck as Daredevil.
When will the fat-cat Hollywood bean-counters learn that the will of the fanboys/girls make or break super hero movies at the box-office? Ask Chris Nolan, he knows. Or Jon Favreau.
And on a personal note, man , I'm just gutted. Captain America has been one of my mega-faves since I was a kid. He's the cornerstone of the whole Marvel universe. He demands justice!