"Ass....kick! Heh heh..."

Now we're talking. I went to see Kick-Ass with a 'non-fanboy' friend of mine who left the cinema glowing and said it was one of the best movies he's ever seen. Oh yeah.
While my devotion to the Bat-epics of Chris Nolan is all consuming, and my enthusiasm for new super hero movies is stifled by my constant yearning for any news of Bat 3, I must say that this movie rocked-big time.
No cartoon-taboos were ignored. Without revealing spoilers, the amount of child violence alone would have earned 'Kick-Ass' its R18 certificate. While not on the level of gut-churning-adrenaline-pumped-suspense as say Scarface, it certainly has moments that would make even the most thick-skinned action junky wince.
Personal highlight- Nic Cage's turn as crime-fighter Big Daddy has just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek and fanboy reverence- who in their right mind would not want to dress up as Batman and shoot bad guys? 
PS...HOT OFF THE PRESS....it looks like Cage will not be re-prising his role as Ghost Rider in the upcoming sequel due to scheduling conflicts...shame. We like Nic.